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The Howard Theatre, situated in Shaw, Washington D.C., has become a cultural icon and cherished location for those who love live music.

The Howard Theatre is a famous symbol of history and culture, located in the lively Shaw neighborhood of Washington, D.C. It was created in 1910. This place became very important as top location for African American performers during time when segregation ruled United States. Because of this, it became an essential place for Black entertainment and culture development. It has been known through years because its lavish design and also for hosting great people like Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday among others. The theatre played crucial role by showing jazz music along with rhythm blues songs plus gospel music too (Howard Theatre).

Upcoming Line Up

The 2024 list is really great. These are a few big names that are coming to Washington D.C. next year.

The Howard Theater has planned these events for you: Reggae Fest DC, dancing and music for MLK Weekend with dancehall, afrobeats, and Reggae on January 13th. Mick Jenkins will perform his “Thank You for Waiting” tour on January 28th. Lastly, Rich the Kid is performing there too – it’s happening February 2nd! Comedian Majah Hype will perform on February 3. Luciano is performing too, he’s part of a Bob Marley tribute show that happens five days later (on the 8th). On February 17, Shy Glizzy has a performance at Howard Theatre for Young Jefe and Law 3 ten year anniversary. On 15th March, there is a performance by Danny Brown. On 31st March, part of Alien Life Tour includes performance from Neutro Shorty. Bakar will perform on 11th June.

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SNACKZ! DC Dispensary Information

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About SNACKZ! DC Dispensary:

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For more information about the Howard Theatre check out their official website:


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