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The Fillmore Silver Spring, situated in downtown Silver Spring, Maryland, is a well-known place for live entertainment and music.

The Fillmore Silver Spring was established in 2011. It is located at the center of downtown and has become a significant cultural spot for the region. This place offers lively energy, varied acts, and an attractive atmosphere that makes it special among other places hosting live music events, comedy shows plus more entertainment performances. The Fillmore Silver Spring has a special design that reminds people of classic theaters; this gives it its own character when used for events like live music concerts, comedy shows and many other types of performances. Being in downtown area means you can easily reach here from elsewhere within metropolitan Washington D.C., so it’s often visited by those who love music or fans from all around this big city space.

Upcoming 2024 Line Up

The 2024 lineup is going to be epic. Here, I’ve made a short list of some big names who will pass through Fillmore next year.

Machine Head will play at the Fillmore on February 12th. Lil Tecca is performing on February 20th. Babytron will perform on February 28th. At the Fillmore in Silver Spring, Damian + Stephen Marley will be playing for “Traffic Jam 2024” on March 20th. For a stop on his BLOCKBUSTA Tour, Busta Rhymes is performing there on April 8th.

The most excellent part is, it’s just a quick drive down the road from SNACKZ! DC Dispensary.

The link between cannabis and music can be seen as a cultural bond that goes back many years, connecting various generations and kinds of people. Both cannabis and music have been tools for creative expression, rebellion, and building community. Therefore, if you wish to increase your enjoyment at a concert or event related to music – visit SNACKZ! DC Dispensary before the show.

SNACKZ! Dispensary Information

SNACKZ! DC Dispensary is easy to reach from the Fillmore. You just go straight on Georgia Avenue towards Downtown Washington D.C. and turn onto Florida Ave NW. Check out the building that houses SNACKZ! Alongside it is Xaza Streetwear and Sneakers Boutique. When you enter this place, you have found the best dispensary in DC area.

SNACKZ! provides an assortment of top quality cannabis products such as pre-rolls, edibles and flowers. We have 3 varieties of flower; Premium, Exotic, and Top Shelf Designer. Nevertheless, we feel that buyers will appreciate their time with us regardless the shelf they purchase from.

For individuals who seek something speedy and uncomplicated prior to a concert, our Pre-roll collection is advisable. These are the topmost items if you desire for anything basic that’s prepared to be smoked as soon as you exit the store. We possess “SNACKZ! pre-roll” , that is a normal king size pre-roll created with fancy flower. Our “dipped and dusted” preroll resembles the SNACKZ! Pre-roll covered in kief on the outer part. We have a 3rd selection, “Crumble Pre-roll”. This is pre-roll that includes worm of THC “crumble” which basically a kind of distillate.

With this exciting variety of weed products, SNACKZ! Is the ultimate place to get high before a Fillmore event.

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