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As more states in the United States of America make cannabis consumption legal, Washington, DC has become a center for consuming recreational marijuana. There are many dispensaries in the city where you can find different types of cannabis products. But without good understanding about finding safe and good quality weed, it might be difficult to know where to buy from. We give you a complete DC dispensary buying guide that covers everything there is to learn about purchasing your beloved weed and locating its source. No matter if you search for a cannabis dispensary on 14th Street NW, DC or any different place in the capital of nation, this guide will assist you in making wise purchase choices and locating diverse cannabis items such as flowers, concentrates, edibles and topicals among other things.

Is Weed Legal in Washington, DC?

Yes, technically correct. In the year 2014, people living in DC voted to pass Initiative 71 that makes using marijuana for fun and health reasons legal. According to this plan, a person of age 21 or more can:

  • Possess up to two ounces of marijuana.
  • Cultivate six cannabis crops, of which only three should be flowering at one time.
  • Consume weed on private property.
  • Transfer one ounce or less to another person but not in exchange for money.
  • It is illegal under the legislation to:
  • possess cannabis under the age of 21 years,
  • smoke or consume weed in public places,
  • drive under the influence of weed,
  • sell or purchase weed directly,
  • possess more than two ounces of cannabis.

Even if you cannot sell or buy weed straightforwardly, the law permits trading or gifting it. This is why various shops and brands that follow I-71 rules for cannabis have appeared in Washington, DC. They sell items such as hats, t-shirts, stickers, smoke supplies and artwork among other things while giving customers a small amount of cannabis free of charge. Many of these shops are expected to apply for licensed dispensary status in the next few months as per the DC Medical Marijuana Expansion Bill which became law back in March 2023.

Medical Marijuana in Washington, DC

Cannabis can help with different health problems. But, you need a card for medical marijuana from any state authority or a letter of recommendation given by a licensed doctor in order to get medical marijuana in Washington, DC. There are many online service providers that can assist with booking your doctor’s appointment and making the process easier for submitting documents to obtain a medical marijuana card.

Popular Weed Flavors in Washington, DC

Some of the most popular weed flavors in Washington, DC, include:

1.) Punch Breath

The punch breath, known as a marijuana type that hits you like a punch, can be found in a nitrogen canister with 26.5% THC content which is strong enough to awe any weed connoisseur.

2.) Gelato Ice

Similar to punch breath, gelato ice is also an Indica-dominant hybrid cannabis type. It has the scent of sweet and creamy with a THC content of 24.5%, which makes it well-liked by marijuana enthusiasts.

3.) Black Truffle

Black truffle, a hybrid cannabis strain, is mostly Sativa. It smells like citrus and pine and has 30.1% THC content which makes it one of the most powerful strains available on the market.

Best Recreational Cannabis Dispensaries in Washington, DC

If you are thinking about how to get the top recreational dispensary in Washington, DC that is open now, then looking over this list will certainly help you.

1.) Capital City Care

Capital City Care could be the biggest cannabis dispensary in Washington, DC and one of the finest. It’s just cultivator of medical marijuana in Washington, DC. They have a big collection including edibles, flowers and other types like pre-rolled mini joints too.

2.) National Holistic Healing Center

The National Holistic Healing Center is constructed and gives a spa-like vibe, offering a wide range of edibles, tinctures, vape cartridges, flowers, distillate syringes along with smoking accessories. It also provides curbside deliveries making it easy for people who prefer not to leave their vehicle.

3.) Anacostia Organics

Anacostia Organics, found on the east side of the Anacostia River and led by women, gives an impression of a trendy boutique. They have wide variety with vape cartridges to soaks, salves and edibles as well as concentrates plus other local strains carefully chosen for their customers’ needs. It has a special benefit of giving 10% discount for those who live nearby or senior citizens. They also bring out offers regularly such as providing 25% off to first-time buyers or individuals celebrating their birthday party.

4.) Kinfolk Dispensary

The Kinfolk Dispensary is situated in the Mount Vernon area and provides over two-hundred kinds of Indica and Sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis items, from unique rolling papers to saintly candles.

5.) Rise

Rise is located in a few blocks from downtown, just across the community garden. It has an atmosphere similar to any present-time coffee shop and provides a wide range of edibles, flowers, drinkables along with pre-rolled joints plus tinctures vape cartridges extracts topicals etc.

6.) HerbaFi

The official address of HerbaFi is 8401 Colesville Road, Suite 1100, located in downtown Silver Spring very near to the metro station. This store presents an extensive selection including pre-rolled joints, flowers (bud), edibles like chocolates or gummies as well as tinctures and extracts from various cannabis strains; topicals such as creams and lotions made with hemp oil for skin application; vape cartridges filled with pure distillate plus terpenes mixture – these are available alongside smoking accessories such like pipes for dry herbs or concentrates, papers to roll your own joint/blunt/bathtub cigar wraps etc., bubblers which are small water pipes that provide a smoother hit compared to regular handheld glass pieces due to their built-in water filtration system. Moreover, you can find grinders here too. They help break down flowers into smaller pieces which enhances burning efficiency when packed into a pipe or rolled into a joint/blunt/bathtub cigar wrap etc. The location offers parking in front of its building and curbside pick-up services. If your bill exceeds $100 then the dispensary provides free delivery within Montgomery County area.’

7.) Takoma Wellness Center

Takoma Wellness Center is positioned on the other side of the road from Donut Run. This place, opened in 2013, is the very first dispensary found within Washington, DC. They have a wide array of choices that can be confusing: cartridges (filled with cannabis oil), tinctures (droplets infused with weed), edibles like cookies or brownies as well as pre-rolled joints and accessories such as doob tubes for storing your joint to keep it fresh; rolling papers to make joints; water pipes known also by some people as bongs; bowls which are small glass pieces where you put weed before smoking it.

8.) Legacy DC

The Legacy DC dispensary and gifting shop is a place where love for cannabis meets passion for art. This high-end establishment, located on Georgia Ave, has an extensive selection of edibles, flowers, concentrates as well as pre-rolled joints among other items. If you need products that help in improving concentration or relieving pain or just want to relax with them – Legacy DC will provide all these things for you!

What to Keep in Mind When Visiting a Dispensary?

When visiting a cannabis dispensary, you must keep the following in mind:

Do not forget to carry a state-issued photo id,

keep in mind the extra charge from on-site ATM for withdrawal and that card service mostly stops an account after they detect a card being swiped at a dispensary, also take some cash with you.

Be certain of the effects you desire, as dispensaries cannot exhibit weed products in the sales area. You will have specific budtenders who can only help after you communicate your clear expectations.

Check the labels to see what is inside. Results might change between products, and not knowing what you are purchasing can influence your general experience.

Don’t forget to ask about the store’s specials, so you can get the best deals and most popular products.

Do not light up your weed near the dispensary or in public places.


In Washington, DC’s cannabis market that keeps growing, there are many new spots for buying cannabis and items related to it. From a cannabis prerolls shop on Northwest Fl Ave close to U Street to a dispensary found on 14th Street, SNACKZ! has got your cannabis needs covered. Keep in mind to follow the rules and laws, using weed with responsibility so you don’t create any trouble for yourself or everyone else.