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The 9:30 Club, situated in Shaw, Washington D.C., is a famous music venue that has become an emblem of culture for live music lovers.

From the time it started in 1980s, the club became known for its small setting, excellent sound and wide range of performances that covered many styles. The history of this club shows a lot of different artists who were just beginning as well as those who had already made their mark in music industry, making it an important place for all kinds of musicians to perform on stage.

Upcoming Line Up

The group of important names in the upcoming 2024 lineup is starting to look epic. Here’s a short list of major people who will be passing through Washington DC within next year.

Umphrey’s McGee, a band with great reputation, will be there on February 14th. On March 14th we have SilverSun Pickups and for March 19th we got Waterparks to perform. Matisyahu, a Jewish reggae artist, will perform on the 20th of March. Tyla is set to perform on May 20th. All Time Low has their performance scheduled for August 23rd.

The great thing with the 9:30 Club is its close proximity to SNACKZ, the BEST dispensary in Washington, D.C. You can easily walk over there and enjoy a selection of treats before or after your show.

The connection between cannabis and music, a bond that has been there for centuries, is about how both of these things have affected our culture. They have always given people a way to be creative and express themselves, while also being used as symbols for rebelliousness and community. So, if you’re trying to find a method of intensifying your concert experience, make certain to visit SNACKZ! DC Dispensary before the show.

SNACKZ! DC Dispensary Information

SNACKZ! DC Dispensary is really close to the 9:30 Club. Just walk 1 block down 9th Street and turn onto Florida Avenue. Watch out for Xaza Streetwear and Sneakers Boutique, it is in the same building as SNACKZ! When you are inside Xaza, then you have found the best dispensary in DC area.

SNACKZ! offers a great variety of cannabis products. We have pre-rolls, edibles and flowers. Our flower comes in 3 tiers; Premium, Exotic and Top Shelf Designer. Regardless of which shelf you’re shopping from we think everyone will enjoy their experience at SNACKZ!

For people who want something fast and simple before a live show, we suggest our Pre-roll choices. These are the ideal products for anyone seeking an uncomplicated option that can be smoked right away when you leave the shop. We offer “SNACKZ! pre-roll”, this means a typical king size pre-roll created using top-quality flower. Our preroll that is “dipped and dusted” similar to the SNACKZ! Pre-roll has kief coating on its outside. We have a 3rd option too, it’s called the “Crumble Pre-roll”. In this type of pre-roll, we put a worm of THC “crumble” inside. This is one kind of distillate substance.

With this amazing selection of cannabis products, SNACKZ! is the most convenient and top place to buy weed prior to an event at the 9:30 Club.

For additional details on SNACKZ! DC Dispensary, visit our homepage –   or check out the Instagram page: @snackz.brand

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