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Read the Blog article from All Hip Hop about Xaza Boutique, a place that carries SNACKZ! Brand apparel, merch and gifts.

Xaza Boutique, located in the center of Washington DC, has turned into a gathering place for those who love cannabis and fashion. This special business not only provides high-quality marijuana items but also offers a carefully chosen assortment of clothes. Known as one of the finest dispensaries in DC and a last-minute clothing refuge, Xaza Boutique pledges to provide an experience that is unmatched by others.

Exploring Xaza Boutique: A Cultural Hub

Xaza Boutique has become a top-notch dispensary in DC by offering an extensive variety of superior marijuana items. Apart from this, it has smoothly combined the boutique apparel experience to its shop, serving those who look for last-minute fashion discoveries. The place promotes a friendly environment that sparks creativity and teamwork amongst clients.

Discover the Essence of Xaza Boutique

To get a quick look into Xaza Boutique’s lively world, go to Xaza Boutique’s Instagram. You can see a picture tour of their outstanding items in cannabis and clothing here. From top-quality kinds to fashionable outfits, Xaza Boutique is ready to change how you shop for things.

Location and Hours

Xaza Boutique, located at 811 Florida Ave NW, Washington DC, 20001, provides easy access for customers from all parts of the capital. The working hours suit people looking for dispensaries in DC that stay open late.

Sunday: 12 PM–12 AM

Monday: 11–9 PM

Tuesday: 11–9 PM

Wednesday: 11–9 PM

Thursday: 11–11 PM

Friday: 11 AM–12 AM

Saturday: 12 PM–12 AM


Xaza Boutique symbolizes the changing scenery of cannabis culture, mixing top-quality items with modern fashion. As a top dispensary in DC and also a place people visit for quick clothing finds, it gives an uncommon experience. At Xaza Boutique, explore the merging of cannabis and style to redefine your shopping expectations.

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