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What’s good, Snackz fam! Ready to chill out and shake off that city hustle? We’ve got the dopest lineup of strains at Snackz and they are all about helping you find your zen. From the mellow vibes of Purple Haze to the laid-back cool of Gelato 33, let’s dive into our top picks for some serious relaxation.

1. Connesouir Strain Lineup:

• Chiraq: This powerhouse is your go-to when you need to seriously unwind. Its strong effects are perfect for those days when you just need to escape and chill. We strain hunted phenos of Obama Runtz to find the perfect mix of candy and gas in what we named “CHIRAQ”. Staff Favorite.

• Purple Haze: The only dispensary in the United States to currently offer that good ol’ Washington Heights/Dykman/NYC “Purple Haze” also known as “Piff”. This is a classic strain for anyone above the age of 30 who lived in those golden days of Sour Diesel and Purple Haze strains coming from New York City. This is a must try!

• ZOAP: An amazing Pheno originally produced by Wizard Trees. Creamy and Gassy with a gelato undertone this is a perfect strain to relax to.

• Gelato 33: Fancy a smooth, creamy chill? Gelato 33 brings relaxation with a hint of sweetness – like an ice cream sundae for your senses.

• Runtz Varieties (Runtz, Pink Runtz, Candy Runtz, Midnight Runtz): These flavorful strains are like a stress relief party. Choose your favorite and get ready for some happy, relaxed vibes.

• Lemon Cherry Gelato: A tangy twist on relaxation and a Washington DC favorite. This strain is perfect for a sunny day chill-out or a breezy evening unwind.

• Lambo OG: A cult classic. Deep notes of gas and limonene make this a fan favorite. Reminiscent of the 2015/2016 era of US cannabis.  This strain brings a classic, calming effect that’s all about keeping it real and relaxed.

• MAC1: A true masterpiece in chilling. MAC1 is all about balancing that perfect high with just the right amount of calm.

2. Finding Your Chill Method:

• Roll It Up: For the traditionalists, nothing beats rolling up your favorite strain and taking it easy.

• Vape It: Looking for a smoother experience? Vaping these strains can bring out unique flavors and a gentler high.

• Edibles for Days: Want to keep the chill going longer? Ask about our edible options for a more sustained vibe.

Why Snackz?

• We Know Chill: Our team is all about helping you find your perfect relaxation match.

• Quality Vibes Only: We ensure top-notch quality across all our strains. Only the best for our Snackz fam!

• Chill Ambiance: Our spot at 811 Florida Ave NW is your urban oasis. Come hang with us and find your chill.

So, next time you’re feeling the city pressure, remember Snackz has got your back with the coolest strains for relaxation. Drop by, pick your vibe, and let’s get those chill times rolling!

Hang With Us:

• Find Us: 811 Florida Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001

• Online: Snackz Dispensary

Come through to Snackz, where good vibes and great strains are a way of life. Peace, relaxation, and the perfect chill await! 🌿😌🎶✨