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What’s up, Snackz fam! Wanna take a break and cool down from that city life? We’ve got an amazing variety of strains at Snackz. They’re all about helping you find your chill. Now, let’s explore the most excellent choices we have for some real calmness starting from Purple Haze’s soft feelings to Gelato 33’s relaxed coolness.

1. Connesouir Strain Lineup:

• Chiraq: This is the muscle man that you bring out when it’s time to really relax. The powerful effects are great for those days when all you want is to get away from everything and chill. We hunted phenos of Obama Runtz to find a blend between candy and gas, resulting in our creation called “CHIRAQ”. Staff Favorite.

• Purple Haze: Presently, this dispensary is the sole one in United States offering that good ol’ Washington Heights/Dykman/NYC “Purple Haze” also known as “Piff”. If you are above 30 years of age and have lived in those golden days when Sour Diesel and Purple Haze strains were coming from New York City, this classic strain is a must try!

• ZOAP: This incredible Pheno is created by Wizard Trees. It gives off a Gelato-like flavor, being creamy and gassy. It’s excellent for relaxation.

• Gelato 33: Do you want a gentle, creamy cold? Gelato 33 is calming with slight sweetness – similar to an ice cream treat for your feelings.

• Runtz Varieties (Runtz, Pink Runtz, Candy Runtz, Midnight Runtz): These strains are like a fun party where stress is relieved; pick your preferred one and prepare for joyous and calm vibes.

• Lemon Cherry Gelato: A sharp variation on calming strains, and it is also a choice for Washington DC people. This kind of strain suits the mood of a calm day in the sun or an easy evening time.

• Lambo OG: Loved by the fans, it’s a cult classic. You can detect strong gas and limonene flavors in this one. It gives you the feel of US cannabis from 2015/2016 time period. This strain has a classic, soothing impact that is all about being genuine and calm.

• MAC1: A chilling masterwork. The MAC1 strain guarantees a perfect high equilibrium, offering ample tranquility to counterbalance its effects.

2. Finding Your Chill Method:

• Roll It Up: For those who prefer the classics, nothing can beat the feeling of rolling up your preferred cannabis variety and relaxing with it.

• Vape It: Do you desire a softer experience? By vaping these varieties, their special tastes and a milder high may be highlighted.

• Edibles for Days: Do you wish to maintain the relaxed atmosphere for an extended period? Inquire about our edible alternatives.

Why Snackz?

• We Understand Relaxation: Our squad is dedicated to assisting you in locating the ideal calmness that suits your needs.

• Quality Vibes Only: We maintain high standards in every strain we offer. For our Snackz fam, only the finest is guaranteed!

• Chill Vibes: We are an urban sanctuary, located at 811 Florida Ave NW. Feel free to hang out and discover your chillness with us.

So, when you feel the push of the city, Snackz is here for you with new strains to help you relax. Come over, choose your style, and let’s start having some chilled moments!

Hang With Us:

• Find Us: 811 Florida Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001

• Online: Snackz Dispensary

Enter into Snackz, where good strains and vibes are the daily routine. Have peace, be calm and chill! Come to Snackz, where good strains and vibes are life. Peace, calmness and chill! Step inside into Snackz – the place of good strains and vibes. Peaceful feelings await you here! 😌 🌿

Come in to Snackz – a place where good strains and vibes make life better every day. Feel peace within yourself! 🌿😌✨

Welcome to Snackz! Here we bring together great strains with good vibes for a joyful life. Find peace within yourself! 😌 🎶✨


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