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Hey there, Snackz fam! How are y’all doing today? We love to have high level discussions about cannabis, but the truth is, everyone is not a cannabis expert like many in our staff and many of our guests are actually new to cannabis, so today we will have a beginners discussion about how cannabis is making a big splash in health and wellness. It’s not just about getting high; it’s about feeling good and staying healthy. Let’s break it down so it’s easy to understand what’s going on.

1. Cannabis Isn’t Just One Thing:

You’ve probably heard words like “Indica,” “Sativa,” and “CBD” thrown around. These are all different types of cannabis that can do different things. Some make you feel relaxed, some make you feel more awake and creative, and CBD is all about helping you chill without making you feel high.

2. Custom Plans for Wellness:

Just like how everyone has his or her own favorite music or food, cannabis can be personalized too. People are using it in different ways to feel better, depending on what they need, like for chilling out, getting more energy and even helping with anxiety or insomnia.

3. Mental Health Matters:

More and more, cannabis is being seen as a way to help with mental health stuff. It’s being used to help people who feel super stressed, really down, or have had some tough experiences. It’s like a helping hand for your brain and feelings.

4. CBD – The Wellness Star:

CBD is a big deal in the wellness world. You can find it in oils, creams, and even gummies. It doesn’t get you high but can help with stuff like pain, feeling stressed, or even when your skin is acting up.

5. Tech and Cannabis:

Technology is also changing the game. It’s making it easier to know exactly how much you’re using and in what form, like in edibles (think gummy snacks with cannabis) or creams for your skin.

6. Working Out with Cannabis:

Believe it or not, some people are mixing cannabis with their workouts. They use it for recovery after exercising, like helping with sore muscles, or to help focus during yoga.

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Cannabis is more than just getting high – it’s becoming a big part of staying healthy and happy. From different types and uses to new ways it’s helping in fitness and health, it’s an exciting time to learn about all this.