Greetings to the SNACKZ! DC Dispensary blog, where we are ready to dive into a journey through the magical world of cannabis and mushrooms. Today’s focus is on mushrooms – psilocybin mushrooms, which people often refer to as “magic mushrooms.” These natural fungi have a long history of being used for their psychedelic effects, helping to create deep self-reflection and different levels of awareness. The most usual method people take mushrooms in is discussed below, along with an explanation about why this ancient custom carries such importance.

The most common and typical way to take magic mushrooms is by eating them, known as oral ingestion. You can consume these mushrooms fresh or dried. Fresh magic mushrooms are ready for direct consumption; however, they have a strong and natural taste that some may find too earthy. To make the consumption more acceptable, people like to dry them and take as capsules or mix with food and drinks.

Mushroom Tea:

For people who do not like the taste of raw mushrooms, mushroom tea can be a good substitute. To make mushroom tea, you need to cook dried or fresh mushrooms in hot water for around 15-20 minutes. After this time has passed, drink it as is or add honey and other natural sweeteners if desired. Some people claim that the effect of mushroom tea starts quicker than when consumed raw.

Lemon Tek:

The Lemon Tek method is becoming a trend among knowledgeable users who want to have a trip that is quicker and more intense. For this method, you need to grind the dried mushrooms into powder and then put them in lemon or lime juice for around 20 minutes before drinking it up. The acid in citrus fruits helps change psilocybin into psilocin (the compound causing psychedelic effects). This method may lead to a quicker onset and shorter duration of the trip.

Chocolate Psilocybin Edibles:

For people who like it more enjoyable, chocolates with mushroom infusion are getting attention. These mix the magic mushrooms and good chocolate to make a tasty and secret way for taking psilocybin. Make sure you look at how much of the product there is and where it comes from, because getting the right amount is very important for having a safe trip that you enjoy.


Although not exactly a way to consume mushrooms, microdosing is gaining attention. Microdosing means taking small doses of mushrooms that are below the level where you can really feel its effects, typically every few days. The objective isn’t to achieve full-blown psychedelic impacts but instead to appreciate more delicate advantages such as better concentration, creativity and mood elevation. Many users report positive changes in their mental well-being and productivity through microdosing.


Looking into the most popular ways of consuming magic mushrooms gives insight into various methods people use to feel their effects. At SNACKZ! DC Dispensary, we emphasize on responsible and knowledgeable use. Before you start an adventure with mushrooms, it’s important to know the law about psilocybin in your area and always use them safely by getting correct doses.

Keep in mind that each person’s encounter with psilocybin is unique, hence it’s important to approach the journey with respect and consciousness. Whether you like the old method of consuming mushrooms or new style of mushroom chocolates, we desire this article was helpful for understanding about this ancient and magical habit. Enjoy your exploration, my fellow journeyers!

NOTE: The article’s information is not advocating or encouraging use of illegal substances, it’s important to always consult with medical professionals prior trying new supplements or substances. Observe the law and accept responsibility for your actions.


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