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Hello Snackz Squad! Are you prepared to dive into the strong realm of cannabis concentrates? Concentrates, starting from the stickily sweet rosin to shatter that is glass-like in its attraction, provide a distinct and intense experience. Are you a beginner, or an experienced user? Let’s explore together the secrets of these powerful cannabis products.

1. What are Cannabis Concentrates?

Cannabis concentrates, as their name suggests, are intense versions of the cannabis plant. They have more THC and other cannabinoids compared to regular flower. These exist in many kinds such as wax or shatter that each has unique texture, strength and way to use it.

2. Rosin: The Solventless Wonder

Rosin, which is a concentrated form of cannabis, does not require solvents to be made. It comes from applying heat and pressure to squeeze the oils out of the cannabis plant. The outcome? A concentrate that is sticky and contains terpenes, focusing on taste and cleanliness. For people who like a natural experience without chemicals, rosin could be their choice.

3. Shatter: The Potent Glass

Shatter has a unique glassy and see-through look. It is created by forcefully hitting cannabis with a solvent such as butane or CO2, and then removing the solvent to leave behind pure, strong concentrate. Shatter breaks apart easily (which explains its name) and gives an experience with high THC content that might be too much for those who are not used to it.

4. Other Concentrates: Wax, Oil, and Live Resin

• Wax: It is like shatter but has a texture that can be molded more easily. This type of concentrate is simpler to manage and excellent for dabbing.

• Oil: With its versatility and simplicity, cannabis oils are suitable for vaping or cooking.

• Live Resin: This type of concentrate emphasizes on flavor and scent, as it is created using cannabis plants that are fresh and frozen to keep terpenes intact.

5. How to Consume Concentrates

The usual method to take in concentrates is termed “dabbing”. This needs a dab rig, similar to a unique bong for such substances. Vaping and mixing them into joints are also well-known ways for consumption.

6. Why Visit Snackz for Concentrates?

In Snackz’s place, which is at 811 Florida Ave NW, Washington DC, there are many concentrates available for you. We have a team that knows about it and can assist you in selecting the right concentrate.

So, if you are thinking of enjoying cannabis more or just wondering about concentrates, Snackz can give you what you need.

Join Us at Snackz:

• Location: 811 Florida Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001

• Website: Snackz Dispensary


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